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At the time of the erection of the Diocese of Palai in 1950 there were 8 convents of the Adoration congregation  within its geographical boundaries.  These convents were formed into an independent unit on 8 April, 1952 for administrative facility and more effective promotion of apostolic activities. Under the paternal care and unsparing encouragement of His Excellency Mar Sebastian Vayalil, the first Bishop of Palai, the congregation flourished and many convents were opened in different parishes. The pioneering sisters were so dedicated and enthusiastic that they spared no pains for the growth of the congregation. We recall with love and gratitude the able guidance and selfless services rendered by Rev. Fr. Sebastian Cherussery during the period. The foundation of the province was laid on our unwavering trust in the love of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. As a result, the years that followed witnessed the enviable growth of the congregation. : 

Our Charismatic Leaders

The charismatic leaders who guided the province and brought it to the present status are

  • Mother Mary Regina 1952 - 1955 Mother General
  • Mother Mary Celestina 1955 - 1961 Mother General
  • Mother Mary Eudoxia 1961 - 1964 Mother General
  • Mother Mary Alice 1964 - 1967 Mother Commissary
  • Mother Mary Ann 1967 - 1973 Provincial Superior 
  • Mother Maria Therese 1973 - 1976 Provincial Superior 
  • Mother Delphine 1976 - 1979 Provincial Superior 
  • Mother Tresa Martin 1979 - 1982 Provincial Superior
  • Mother Alphonsus Maria 1982 - 1985 Provincial Superior 
  • Mother Stella Maris 1985 - 1991 Provincial Superior 
  • Mother Joyce Maria 1991 - 1997 Provincial Superior 
  • Mother Lucius 1997 - 2000 Provincial Superior
  • Mother Rosily Moonnanappallil 2000 - 2003 Provincial Superior 
  • Mother Lucius 2003 - 2009 Provincial Superior
  • Mother Jessy Maria 2009 - 2015 Provincial Superior
  • Mother Lissy Vadakechirayath 2015- Provincial Superior 
In 1962 a few sisters from our province were sent to Thalassery. When the diocese of Thalassery was erected, the convents under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Thalassery was formed as a new Province. In 1965 sisters from Palai started missionary work in the North East, taking the first challenging step in the congregation. In 1970 our sisters started evangelisation work in Ujjain. Both the missions flourished spreading Eucharistic love among the people of these regions. In 1998 Corpus Christi region, Dimapur and Jyothirmai region, Ujjain were elevated to the status of Province. The Province celebrated the Golden Jubilee of its erection in 2002. In 1977 the provincial house at Nelliyani was shifted to Christ Hall, Palai. Now the sisters of this Province are engaged in various apostolates in Kerala, Karnataka, Germany and Africa. Our founder Mar Thomas Kurialacherry was raised to the status of ‘the Venerable’ on 2nd April 2011

About Founders

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Our Founder

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Co Founder

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Our Mission

To foster Communion with Jesus through the Eucharistic celebration and unceasing adoration 
To do reparation for the sins of the world 
To bear witness to the ineffable love and mercy of the Eucharistic Lord through various apostolic activities
To proclaim the Good News of love and compassion to all our brothers and sisters

Our Vision

Lead the entire creation to the heavenly Father by becoming a pleasing sacrifice to the Eucharistic Lord.

A Day In Our Life

04.55 a.m. - Rising (Monday-                                  Saturday), 
05.15 a.m. - Rising (Sunday) 
05.25 a.m. - Sappra, Meditation,                             Holy Mass 
07.45 a.m. - Adoration, Visit to the                          Blessed Sacrament 
08.00 a.m. - Breakfast  
08.30 a.m. - Silence
12.00 p.m. - Rosary 
12.25 p.m. - Particular examination                        of conscience, Lunch
02.00 p.m. - Silence 
04.00 p.m. - Closing of Adoration, Tea
06.45-7.45 p.m. - Adoration,                                 Meditation, Ramsa,                         Supper, (Praise & worship                                                on Wed.) 
08.45 p.m.  Leliya, examination of                          conscience 
10.00 p.m.  Great Silence